June 13, 2024
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Election Commission issued unofficial results

Election 2024 unofficial results

The Election Commission finally issued the unofficial results of elections regarding National and Provincial  Assemblies on 12 February 2024. Independent candidates won 101 seats out of 265 seats. PTI supporters are 93, Muslim league(N) are 75 and Peoples Party got 54 seats. After the murder of candidate in NA 8, election was postponed in that […]

Moringa the miraculous tree

Moringa Tree

Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous plant, having a lot of healthy benefits and creating resistance against many diseases. This tree has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. Moringa is also known as a drumstick tree, ben oil tree, In western countries, its dried leaves are used as supplements either in capsules or […]

"PTI online porter and door-to-door campaign"

PTI started an online Porter and Door-to-Door Campaign

An online Porter is in progress to facilitate the voters   Finally, Pakitan Tahreek e Insaf is going to launch an online portal for its voters along with a door-to-door campaign. Reason behind these activities is to aware the voters about the candidates and their election signs of PTI candidates. Online Porter The Election Commission […]

'Triangle of Sania Mirza, Shoaib and Sana Javed'

Shoaib Malik, from Sania Mirza to Sana Javed, a story to reveal

Shoaib’ first marriage to second marriage National Cricket team all rounder player Shoaib Malik celebrated his second marriage with Sana Javed on 20th Jan 2024. They shared the pics on social media showing their happiness. A newlywed couple shows their pleasure by sharing the pictures with the caption “Alhamdulillah” and verses from the Quran. Sana […]

(Control over Heart attacks and paralysis is in your hands)

Reasons for heart attack and paralysis in youth come to the scene

Why do today’s youth get heart attacks and paralysis? Currently, young people are getting heart attacks and paralysis speedily. Here are some searched reasons behind these attacks. Bristol University of Britain concluded from a search that things children eat made of sugar and oil have a lot of calories, which increases the chances of heart […]

Bollywood richest actresses in 2023

Top10 richest and lavish Bollywood Actresses in 2023

Top ten richest Bollywood actresses list issued Following is the list of top ten richest and lavish Bollywood actresses with their ranking position and worth. Position Actress Worth in Rs.(Approx.) 1st Aishwarya Rai Bachan 800 Crore 2nd Priyanka Chopra 600 Crore 3rd Alia Bhatt 550 Crore 4th Deepika Paukone 500 Crore 5th Kareena Kapoor 485Crore […]

Imran khan trapped in Tosha khana case after the bail from cypher case

Imran khan trapped in Tosha khana case after the bail from cypher

Imran Khan jailed again in Tosha Khana case after being released from cipher case   Imran Khan trapped Even after the bail from the case of Cypher founder of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf didn’t get free. Another case was waiting for him. By order of the Supreme Court Islamabad Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi were […]